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Thread: Xk X150 service

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    Xk X150 service

    Hi all
    Just bought my first xk 2007 x150 and doing a full service on it.
    Got a couple of questions if I may.
    Is there a fuel filter fitted and if so where is it fitted ??
    Found the air filter and after an awful lot of wurth penetrating oil and patience finally got the seized in spark plugs out, which looked like they had been in there an awful long time!
    Also in park is there a rev limiter over 4000rpm ? As if there is not I have a bad misfire after 4000rpm !
    Didnt notice or rev it that high before I changed the plugs.

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    Hiya Dobsy and welcome to the forum,

    You're question is not really "forum news" though, so it's probably be best if you posted in the X150 part of the forum:
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    Welcome to the forum Dobsy.

    Not sure on the 4.2 but if there is a fuel filter it may well be in the tank. The rev limiter should kick in around 3000revs and yes, it does feel like it’s missing.

    Dont forget to change the pollen filter also.

    Here is the service manual for your car,
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    You will find the fuel filter vertical towards rear ,passenger behind the sill &behind the rear pass footwell

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    Moved to correct section...
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