Dear Visitor,

Here at the, we have a policy which ensures that any forum within the Car Forum Network, does not sell, forward or disclose your e-mail address to anyone other than to inform you of what is happening at the We believe actions such as this to be outright wrong and that spam is a major problem, as such we implement a strict anti spam policy.

All of our development team uses the Car Forum Network on a daily basis not only for work but for leisure, as such there nothing worse than spam in our mail boxes. As we are registered on each forum (depending on our own cars) we too receive all e-mails which are sent to keep our members informed, this is also a major reason why we adopt an anti spamming policy.

On a technical point, spammers use crawlers which visit forums such as ours and harvest e-mail addresses, we would recommend that you try to keep displaying your e-mail address on the Car Forum Network to a minimum. Unfortunately this is a problem and we are working hard to ensure that our members get the best possible service from us.

If you have any other comments or suggestions please feel free to post a message in our comments and suggestions section our developers will review this regularly, and try to implement as many as possible.