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Thread: Squeaking Seat....CURED!

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    Lightbulb Squeaking Seat....CURED!

    Just wanted you to share in my happiness! I cured the damn annoying squeak from the front passenger seat!
    It's the basic version with a manual slide, electric backrest, and no height adjustment.

    Here is the seat itself, remember this is a LHD car, passenger seat right hand side.

    To get the plastic trim off, there is a single philips head screw at the back (red arrow) you need to get right under it from the back seat.
    Here it is;

    At the front there are two philips head screws underneath (blue arrow in 1st pic)

    Once you've got those out, you need to pull the trim towards the front of the car, there's some plastic tabs which are in slots.
    You can then disconnect whatever switches you might have in there....

    Last of all here is the solution to the squeak;

    The seat cushion is held onto the lower frame with a 13mm bolt (red arrow) on each side at the front. This is a metal on metal connection.
    But completely isolating the metal halves with foam sponge, guess what, no more squeak!
    You can see the clips in the slots that hold the plastic trim on (yellow arrow).

    This had been driving me up the wall for weeks, can't tell you what a relief it is...only problem now is I can hear the knocking rear suspension much clearer...
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    Re: Squeaking Seat....CURED!

    Really excellent guide, very easy to follow. If it's convenient for you well worth adding to,

    Westville's How To Guides - LINKS ONLY No Comments / Discussion

    Sure it will help many.


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