after runnning round the car trying to catch powerwash jets or trying to get the wife to press the button at the right time.
here is a little trick to get your powerwash jets out without having to be two places at the same time
you will need a lenght of wire about 12 inches long bared at both ends,
under the bonnet open the fuse box and remove the powerwash fuse f24 30amp connect one end of the wire to the positive terminal of the battery and then connect the other end the the right hand (nearest wing) of the fuse holder. out come the powerwash jets they will stay out aslong as you have wire connected, plenty of time to grab hold of them. a word of warning you will get wet if you stand in the wrong place
hope this helps especially when the covers or cruciforms break.
maybee someone could put a link into the how too guides