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Thread: Used XK8 buying advice?

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    Used XK8 buying advice?

    Woohoo!! The first post in the XK8 section!!!

    OK, I'm thinking of getting a used XK8 (probably a '97 model with 70k - 80k miles) in the next few months and would like some advice/opinions on the following:

    1) What are the minor/major service costs going to be like from a Jag main dealer?
    2) Beyond a FSH is there any other work I should ensure has been done to the car?
    3) Some of the ads in autotrader are for cars where the engine has been replaced - what's the issue that leads to this being necessary?
    4) Are there any colours to avoid for ease of resale and are there any 'must have' options for resale as well?

    Any other advice appreciated!

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    Why early XKs need an engine change

    Not sure if you have found out the answer to Q3 but will post the answer anyway.

    The reason is to do with the sulphur in the fuel we get in the UK. Will attempt to answer but exact details will be sketchy as not a mechanic. Jag is fully aware of the problem and it does not affect every car in this age bracket.

    The problem is with pre 00 or T reg (depends on which dealer you talk to). The sulphur in the unleaded fuel we in Britain get burns too high and causes the boar lining to become pitted (all to do with the pistons). You can get a "blow by test" done which should only cost £50 + VAT. If the car has had a fJsh it should have already been done, as part of the service. Again depends on who you talk to, Jag will either pay for it or give you some of the money towards it (costs around £7-9000)

    The other problem is to do with the butterfly valve. This problem causes the engine to cut out (driving along @ 80mph and you take your foot of the gas the engine cuts out). you need to get Jag to re-programe the engine computer costs around £20 + VAT.

    Make sure that the 70,000 Service has been done as this is the big one and will cost around £500 if done by Jag. The 60,000 wil cost around £300.

    As for the best colour I have found it is down to taste and the mod cons are pratically the same across the board unless you sell with a XK number plate.

    Hope this helps and as I said I am not a mechanic so some of the details may not be spot on 100% accurate but at least it is in the ballpark of 95%.

    Happy hunting

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    Re: Used XK8 buying advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by samuraijack
    OK, I'm thinking of getting a used XK8 and would like some advice/opinions
    UK fuel is reputed to no longer be a problem to nitrosil liners but the damage may have been done so do the compression test. Ensure you get the timing drive serviced/adjusted and apparently the throttle body can be problematic. Search the web one night when you can't sleep, it's all there if you make the time. Jaguar+XK8
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    The only real problem I have experienced with the older XK is the need for the timing chain to be replaced, this is an inside engine job and does cost. I have known of 4 go SNAAAP causing a £2.5k rebuild!! One was a engine replace that clearly had'nt done the described 60k - more like 160k!!
    With the new XK8 due in April the prices at trade in ar nutsa and stock is mooving, that extra few grand gets you a lot mre car. Give you an idea, Just sold an 2005 XKR with 600 miles on the clock for only £43,000 - when you consider that is a near £20,000 saving!! He traded his 99 year XKR with only 34k on the clock (all gen and HPI'd) and I have just sold it for £25,000. It was in showroom condition!
    I have another 97 comming in some time in the new year that has lived in an air conditioned, heated garage with 19 other cars that is showroom condition that will be under £25k, and another in early jan that is time warp condition, low milage a 2000 I beleive that will be about £32k when all PDA'd n vat added!!
    I would try to find a little more. I do have a 97, with 88 on the clock, 2 owners, full history that I would let go cheap though with a full Jag warranty for less than 20k

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