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Thread: How to repair annoying click from auto J-gate with pictures

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    REPOSTED because Postimage changed the codes for the linked photos. I did edit the above post but someone still can't see them.

    Photos courtesy of Postimage who allow linking. Click on the images to enlarge.

    Open the ashtray and remove the wood panel surrounding the gear lever by pulling up at the front. It’s held in place by four clips and comes off easily.

    Unscrew the gear knob and the separate cone shaped piece beneath. They should only be hand tight.

    Undo the four Torx screws securing the black J-gate panel. *** Be very careful not to drop the screws (especially the rear ones) or they will fall down into the mechanism of the J-Gate and be difficult/impossible to recover.

    I stuffed the gaps around the screws with kitchen roll to reduce the risk.

    Move the gear lever to R or N (you will need to turn on the ignition and press the brake pedal).

    *** Under the J-Gate panel is a collar that slides onto the gear lever shaft. As you lift the panel off the gear lever shaft, there is a risk that this collar could fall into the mechanism.

    Lift the J-gate panel up off the gear lever keeping the lever in the N or R position on the panel. Hold your hand under the panel to catch the collar in case it falls. The collar is held within a channel beneath the panel but it can slide out of one end. Once the panel is off, remove the collar so that it can’t fall out accidentally.

    The switch is now visible at the front of the unit. It is held in place on two vertical plastic pins and secured by a tab on the right hand side. Press the tab to the right with a flat bladed screwdriver and gently lever the switch up vertically with your fingers. I found it came off rather suddenly.

    The full instructions are in the first post of this thread.
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    I just cleaned my existing switch with fine emery paper, it's been great for over a year now, no more clicks.
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