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    Just checking if anyone has ordered from recently...??

    I placed an order online last week and have called a couple of time to check. Left a message first time, but now get an 'inbox is full' message on answer phone....

    hopefully they're just on holiday! (My credit card has been charged!)
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    A few Finns posted on the local board (Kissakulma or "cat corner") that they had not heard from Xtypeparts for some time, and that was almost 2 weeks ago.

    Check this:
    Engine - Running - Gearbox, Electrical items in jaguar-s-type-parts store on eBay!
    I'm under the impression Stypepats is also theirs, and they are now listing X-Type stuff under that seller?
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    They are just along the road from me, about a mile away. I'll take a roll past tomorrow and see if they are open.... I was there a couple of saturdays ago and they were closed but the opening times said they were always closed at weekends.

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    I've been looking for a few bits and pieces and it seems they have little or no stock which is unusual.

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    The website always says they don't have stuff but if you call in (or ring) they usually have. I don't think they are updating the website much these days.

    Just realised it's saturday tomorrow so I'll swing past next week.
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