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Thread: Franks XKR Story.

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    Any update, Frank...?
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    Sorry not been on for such a long time. Its been rather intense to say the least at this end.

    Its been a roller coaster. What I am about to say may sound flippant but its not. It is the only quick way to summarize whats been happening. I am missing a lot out.

    Start from the beginning.

    Wife ill. She goes to london on a regular basis for treatment. She also has pills to take to keep her illness under control.

    Covid 19 comes along. Not allowed to go for treatment. The pills she takes are no longer available, they are needed for C19 patients. Three weeks after she should have gone to London she went down hill fast. From the Wednesday till the following Monday she hardly ate or drank anything. Anything she did have, including water just came out of her mouth before reaching her stomach. The following Monday she was rushed to hospital but I could not go with her because of CV19.

    Put on None Invasive Ventilation, NIV. Both of us tested for Covid, neither of us has it. Not allowed to visit or help.

    Some days later can you come in quickly. Your wife is dying. I was allowed in. I nursed her. She got better. As she was no longer dying I was told not to come back in to look after her as it was not allowed. Upsetting

    Hard to believe but this happened twice more.

    This week proved the turning point. My lady was determined to get home. Problem being she was relying on the ventilator to breathe for her. So she decided, and I agreed, to wean herself off it. She managed two days off it. The consultant and the hospital doctor tried to talk her back on it. They also wanted to send her to Stoke to be ' accessed '. A stupid move. She would not have survived the trip. Doctor threw toys out of pram. Took away all her treatment.

    Three? days ago I had another phone call, this would be my third or fourth "she is dying" call. This time it was far more serious than any previously, if you can get more serious. Her C02 levels had reached toxic levels. (remember the sub crews sitting on the sea floor hiding from the destroyer above? Going tired, confused, sweaty and eventually dying. Bit like that) Even her consultant in London who does her treatment down there phoned me this time. Sorry Frank. I am afraid this really is it this time........ I could hear the emotion in his voice.

    I got into the hospital. Gowned up. Head to foot in PPE. Went to her bedside and stayed there. A curtain was pulled around us so I could say goodbye in private. So I stayed. Ensuring she got the pills, treatment and any food she could take. Stayed with her all night holding her hand and talking to her to get her breathing long and deep rather than short and shallow. Kept with her through the day and the following night. I had her blood gases checked and somehow they had dropped to a normal level.

    I have never ever been so drained in my life. Driving home, which I should not have done, in the very early hours I got to a round about I have used scores of times. Could not work out what exit to take. Luckily there were no cars in sight. I went to each direction post, went around 3 times, finally found the right one. Got home. Do not remember even going through the front door let alone going to bed. I later worked out I had been awake 36 hours straight. Not to mention the toll of emotion and stress.

    Left it a day or so then said this is stupid. I want her home. My wife wants that too. The hospital agreed. Had a poor junior doctor tell me her life expectancy is extremely short if she goes home.

    So now I have a hospital bed in our lounge. I did a Frank Mod on it and removed the board at the foot of the bed. She can lay in bed look over her feet into the garden. See the dog in its own bed at the foot of hers. Have the patio doors open for fresh air, not allowed to in hospital.

    I have nurses booked to come around 4 times a day, must say I am impressed so far with the first ones. Hope the following ones are as good. She has been asleep for 4 hours now.

    All we can do is sit, wait and hope. But at least she is home now with the love of her life, the dog, and me.

    Right its her pill time.

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    It's in the detail.

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    Harrowing to say the least Frank. All my best wishes and positive thoughts to you and your wife.
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    Good luck. I'm sure all forum members are rooting for her.
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    Thanks for the update Frank: All Forum members will indeed be feeling for you both, and wishing you both a positive outcome!

    I am not surprised about the roundabout, since you would not only be dead beat, but your mind must also have been preoccupied to say the least!

    I think you have done the right thing for her, so try to stay strong and keep up the good work as best you can!
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    All the very best wishes and prayers Frank

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    Your supplying the one thing the Hospital cant and that's love !
    My thoughts are with you both
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    Don't know what to say Frank.

    I hope that everything works out for your wife and you.

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    You'll both be swinging again soon, doubtless.

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    It's taken me awhile but I've read this thread from start to now and i can only thank you for making my introduction to XK8's soo easy.
    I recently went through a similar situation with my Mam but without the multiple calls!!!! Be strong, know that we're with you in spirit and we all hope things improve for you and your good lady.

    PS. I'll never wash my car as well as you do
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