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Thread: 5.0l cam chain tensioner problem

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    OK, that seems a bit more like it but I'd still have thought a bit on the high side - was that simply to change the chains, tensioners and rails (plus whatever parts you are advised to replace during the job) or did that include anything else?

    You could always call a reputable dealer (yes they do exist, the place I use in Perth are first class) and ask for a quote to change the chains and tensioners etc., I have a feeling that would come back rather a lot less than the 5/6k you got originally. My feeling is that the place you got that from also don't want the work but rather than outright refuse it they quoted a daft figure.

    No idea what that Daniel James place are like, probably worth doing a bit of research on them but that's a better figure at least. I would urge you to try Les Paul Jaguars and Tom Lenthall as well, they're known specialists with good reputations.
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    Sounds a lot of money when changing chains etc. on the 4 and 4.2 engines can be done inc parts for £1K +VAT I would be shocked if it was £5k from one offering those prices
    Whilst you would need to get your car recovered/shipped to an alternate supplier this can be done reliably via shiply for a few hundred £ I was chatting with Kevin at DesignCats he now has a 5.0 XK and looking to try a supercharger upgrade. I'm sure he would be happy to quote on re-building your engine at a reasonable price. He did the chains and tensioners on my 4.0 9 years ago.
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