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Thread: Has Jaguar missed a trick with the SVR

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    Has Jaguar missed a trick with the SVR

    576 bhp, 200 be honest was it worth it given that the FTR can be tuned by Arden for example with over 600 bhp.....I think the SVR is a bit pointless.....

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    It's an out the box 200mph for those that want to spend the money. In addition to that the suspension setup makes a massive difference, but again only really noticeable when pushed and on track. Used everyday and back to back vs the FTR some might struggle to feel the difference

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    Don't think so... I let you know after a couple of months since I just took delivery of my SVR coupe with carbon ceramic matrix brakes. Was very seriously looking at a 911 GTS4 and AMG GTS and considered the NSX and Vette Z06 in my initial search. IMHO those are this cars real competitors.

    i was looking for a long term almost daily drive that I could track very occasionally and would be somewhat secure and handle poor weather in a pinch - have a Rover for the really mucky days. The combination of looks, practicality for me (the Porsche i think is stupid unless you want to contort yourself loading luggage), commonality and dealer experience killed off the 911. But I have to admit the AMG GTS gave the SVR a real run for the money. In the end though, it was a combination of awd, the memory of the smiles the R gave me when I drove it and the price I was offered on the SavR sealed the deal.

    Of note - when i priced out the 911 GTS similarly equipped it was over $27k more!!! the AMG was over $16k more than he NSX - over $26k at MSRP. If you factor in the warranty and maintenance and dealer willingness to deal - the end difference was much more dramatic.

    I have roughly 300 miles on my car - and frankly it's just ridiculous (it's so hard not to push the car during the break in period). They've taken the edge of the ride when compared to the R, the speed is so much more immediate and the handling is so much more confidence inspiring that I am already placing it within inches in corners,- wow! Its so easy to position this car!

    The fact that I can go 200mph is awesome but academic - what's amazing to me is the cars beauty together with how much more accessible and usable these super car levels or performance are when compared to its comperitors....

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