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Thread: F-Type Facelift

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    F-Type Facelift

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know what the facelift will bring? I know the new entertainment system from the XE, but also all the driving assistant goodies?


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    Hope they're planning to sort out the messy rear end.
    It also looks a bit like the XK, which can't be bad!

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    Messy rear end!!!!
    I've never heard anyone say that about the F type lol
    Each to there own i suppose but the rear 3 quarter view is one of the best views of the car, obviously imo and no they are not doing anything
    about the "messy" rear end apart from darker rear lights i think.

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    I suspect by "messy rear end" he meant the proliferation of badges.
    Especially chrome badges on a black pack car like mine.
    I have removed the "F-Type" and "Jaguar" lettering on mine, leaving just the leaper and "S" badge, I think the rear end looks a lot cleaner now.
    And I'll be fitting tint film to the tail lights any day now, just waiting for them to arrive. Lamin-X, see here:
    I went for the "Gunsmoke" ones.
    2014 F-Type S coupe, Lunar Grey, red seats and nearly all the options.
    The dearly departed - 2010 XFS and 2010 XFR.

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