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Thread: iPhone Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calin226 View Post
    Last week I have almost the same problem. Now, my ipad is being repaired. J/k
    I think the first step is to check your Itunes at the latest version
    You can tell us if there was any notification(warning) when you tried restoring you IPhone? (Error 4015, 4004) ?
    If yes, I think the hardware went wrong.
    Hi Calin226, I didn't see any error codes, it just froze on the screen with an Apple in it. It has all been fine since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by idrobbo View Post
    Hi Calin226, I didn't see any error codes, it just froze on the screen with an Apple in it. It has all been fine since.
    Oh..... I hope your problem is not as serious as mine. I think one of these methods could help

    Diagnose The Problem

    Now that you understand why the Apple logo is stuck on your iPhone, it’s helpful to state the problem a different way:Something changed in your iPhone’s startup routine and it doesn’t work anymore. But what changed it? Apps don’t have access to your iPhone’s startup routine, so it’s not their fault. Here are the possibilities:

    • iOS updates, restores, and data transfers from your computer to your iPhone have access to its core functionality, so they can cause a problem. Security software, defective USB cables, and faulty USB ports can all interfere with the data transfer process and cause software corruption that can cause the Apple logo to get stuck on your iPhone.
    • Jailbreaking: A lot of other websites (and some Apple employees) cry “Jailbreaker! Serves you right!” whenever they see this problem, but jailbreaking is not the only thing that can cause your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple Logo. That being said, the potential for problems is high when you jailbreak your iPhone. Not only does the jailbreaking process require a complete restore, but its name comes from the fact that it breaks apps “out of jail”, bypassing Apple’s safeguards and allowing them access to your iPhone’s basic functionality. This is the only scenario where an app can cause your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo. Psst: I’ve jailbroken my iPhone in the past.
    • Hardware problems: We mentioned before that your iPhone checks in with its hardware as part of its startup routine. Let’s use Wi-Fi as an example: Your iPhone says, “Hey, Wi-Fi card, turn on your antenna!” and waits for a response. Your Wi-Fi card, having recently drowned in water, doesn’t say anything back. Your iPhone waits, and waits, and waits… and stays stuck on the Apple logo, forever.

    Different Fixes For Different Problems

    A Hard Reset Won’t Work 99% Of The Time

    Maybe you’re in the 1 percent, but in this case it doesn’t hurt to try: To do a hard reset, press and hold the Home button (circular button below the display) and power button together until you see the Apple logo disappear and reappear on the screen, and then let go. OK, that didn’t work. Let’s move on to the common reasons why the Apple logo gets stuck on an iPhone:
    Check Your USB Cable and USB Port

    Defective USB cables and USB ports on PCs and Macs can interfere with the data transfer process and corrupt your iPhone’s software. If you’ve had problems in the past, try a different cable or connect your iPhone to a different USB port. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your PC, sometimes it’s easier to use a friend’s computer when you need to restore your iPhone.
    If You Haven’t Backed Up Your iPhone, Try This Tool: But It’s A Long Shot

    A company called Tenorshare makes software called Reiboot (you can ask google for it ), which is designed to force your iPhone into and out of recovery mode. When the Apple logo is stuck on the screen of your iPhone, this usually won’t work – but it can’t hurt to try. I’m not affiliated with Tenorshare and I make no guarantees about the quality of their product, but I have used similar software in the past with some success. Windows and Mac versions are available for free on their website.
    DFU Restore Your iPhone <=== have you tried it? This is the last thing you can do. If your Iphone still stuck on logo, i think all you need is a certified technician.

    A DFU (default firmware update) restore is the deepest type of iPhone restore. What makes a DFU restore different from other a regular restore and recovery mode restore is that it completely reloads your iPhone’s firmware, not just the software. Firmware is the programming that controls how the hardware works on your iPhone.
    Hardware Problems
    If your iPhone is water-damaged or something like that, there’s a good chance you’ll need to have it repaired to fix this problem.

    Credited to choilieng Website for apk

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    iPhone update failure

    If you are used to update iPhone regularly, maybe you will fix the trouble as me like iPhone update failure, stuck on white Apple logo. Fortunately, now you can use Tuneskit iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone update failure, stuck in recovery mode, black/blue/white screen, boot loop screen, frozen screen, headphone mode, etc in seconds.

    Read more:

    iPhone data recovery on Windows

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    Is there any error prompt, like 4013, 9, etc.?
    Actually, the iPhone can easily meet problems during restoring or updating iPhone.
    You can take measures to fix it. Here what you can check: 6 Tips to Fix iPhone Won't Update

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