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Thread: Henry_Bs S-Type project!

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    The number of times I had had the thing stripped off my XJ6 has convinced me it's a crap idea. Every time I have to take it for MOT I have to pull it all apart again to make sure it works as it should, it's just not a system that was ever needed IMHO. It's probably the one item on that car that has more attention than any other. It's not the caliper sticking, it simply refises to release fully. caliper is new so I know it's not that, the cables have been off and lubed, the linkage is a proper wazzock to get to... In fact I almost cut a hole in the boot floor at one bit to get at it. Maybe it's because I don't use the car so much...
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    Maybe it's because I don't use the car so much...
    I suspect that is the issue I have had my Jag since 2013 and only do 2-3000mls per year and the handbrake has never failed
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