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Thread: What to look out for when buying an X-type

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    What to look out for when buying an X-type

    My pal is on the look out for 2006/7/8 auto saloon or estate. In his words must have the Wow! factor.
    He has several Jags, '78 Series 2 XJ 4.2, a '95 XJ6, and has had others.

    I would be grateful for any advice on weak spots or what to look out for etc.

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    He needs to check for rusting of the inner sills at the rear, near the suspension mounting. I have personally seen an X-type undergoing sills repair at the Jaguar specialist that looks after my car, and another instance was in the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club magazine earlier this year, and that one was a 2007 estate. These were the only Jaguar cars ever built at Halewood, and their body prep processes must have been questionable around that time. Maybe Ford didn't think they needed to build bodies that would last long, who knows ?

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    DON't forget the A pillars and the rear suspension links

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