I see members have had CD changer problems (as I have had also). My advice.....consign it to history!

My son bought a radio with a USB port on the fascia to enable music stored on a USB stick to be played through the cars audio system. This got me to wondering how I could get the same facility. Somehow or other I discovered a device called a USB FM transmitter. These are very cheap, plug into a cigar lighter socket and hook up wirelessly to the installed radio system.
Amazon has a huge selection ranging from about £5 to £50

The music to be played is selected from the internet and saved to a memory stick or an SD card (check the transmitter has the card facility, not all do)
They also have a hands free phone facility.

I liked to make my own compilation CDs, a bit of a drawn out process to compile them, burn them, and add them to the rear CD changer, and having the worry of the thing jamming up!

Its so much easier making a compilation onto a USB stick/SD card.

I had no idea these devices existed so thought I would pass it on.

Ahhh, progress....................................IP