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Thread: Android upgrade to Jaguar Touchscreen for XJ X350/X358, S-Type and X-Type - HOWTO

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    I'm just about finished with the bench testing and getting ready to put it into the jag.
    There are still two things which are concerning me.
    Firstly I've had two failed RTD (PCB800099-V.9) boards. Now onto my third. Nothing obvious, seems to be OK for a few hours then the LCD just momentarily flicks off then on again. It does this momentary screen blanking randomly for some time and then eventually dies. I was wondering whether I have the correct firmware file? (I'm using a 800x480 TN94 with 650cd/m2.) I have been using Flash-546.bin from the web page link.

    My second issue is using the arduino leonardo USB keyboard control with the 5V line cut. The odriod only receives and responds when the USB 5V is intact. If the 5V is cut there is no response, even though the arduino is powered and doing all its normal functions. The same with connecting on the laptop with the arduino gui, it only works with the 5V signal intact on the USB. Any ideas?

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    I've not come across that problem with the RTD board. I think 3 in a row is a bit too much of a co-incidence to be faulty boards. It possibly could be that your LCD panel backlight is drawing too much current?

    With the Arduino problem, do you have the Odroid powered from a 5v USB PSU wired from the head unit 12v supply? There needs to be a common 0V line between the Odroid PSU and the Arduino so that the USB data lines are referencing the same ground. If you are using a separate PSU for the Odroid then this could be the problem.

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    JagDroid - Android upgrade to Jaguar Touchscreen for XJ X350/X358, S-Type and X-Type - forum thread HOWTO and website:

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    Quote Originally Posted by C16RKC View Post
    Someone sent me a private message asking about the old photos that are now missing. I have obviously directed them to Bens smart new website, but if anyone wants any of the old information too (such as info on capacitive screens, backlight control, reverse camera etc) I have updated the guide and the new version is here:
    Hi Chris, I've just downloaded your guide and just had to congratulate you on this body of work. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into making this and allowing us all to share in your knowledge and experience.

    Very well done,


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