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Thread: Replacing HID to LED

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    I am also owner of XF X260 that was bought in Germany and only thing I am missing on my beloved Jag are LEDs, so I looking at replacing my Xenons for LED headlights. Can you guys who made similar conversion confirm that replacement is working without any issues now that you had this replacement for a while and that all you did was just "plug and play" new LED headlight.

    I am a bit concerned before making a purchase as dealers that sell those LED headlights don't have consistent answers regarding modifications required (some want to charge additional 200GBP for modifications, others saying it takes lots of drilling and rewiring...). Also, could you share exact part number of LED headlights you have now as I see there are some variations on models available on internet - GX63-13W029-LF, GX63-13W029-LA, GX63-13W029-LB.... all for EU spec headlights and I don't understand what differences are (if any).


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    Hi Andrej
    Yes I have fitted the full LED headlight in my x260 the fitment is straight forward they just bolt in exactly the same you can just plug them in and they function as normal only issue you will have is the indicators inside the car will be fast as if a blub has blown has blown. I got round this with some load resistors it's is all plug and play no wiring mods at all


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