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Thread: Correct Keyfob part #

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    Its not uncommon for dealers or other garages to refuse to use parts they dont supply. So check that your dealer/garage is prepared to before committing to buy elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry813 View Post
    I've lost a keyfob for a 2017 XF (USA) and am looking for a replacement at less than dealer charges. FCC ID is K0BJTF10A. Other # is EW93 15K601 AE. I find lots of listings on Ebay with the same FCC ID, but most are EW93 15K601 AD (or AA or AB). I have found a few listings with the AE suffix, but all are out of stock. I'm concerned that if I buy one with a lower level suffix I may have compatibility issues. Is that a valid concern, or could I get an EW93 15K601 AD and be assured that the dealer could program it to work on my car?
    It may be worth noting that this thread is in the XJ (X351) area, and it may be that the part number for your XF is not the same.
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