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Thread: F type passenger air bag

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    F type passenger air bag

    Has any one else had this issue?
    Need help!!!
    I have a jaguar f type which is 14 months old and has 13k miles on it.
    Recently i was driving down a local road around 15mph and the bonnet airbag deployed.
    I had the car recovered to jaguar and after much debating they are making me pay 2500 pounds to repair it. After complaining to customer services there response is:
    There checks on the internal computer state i went over a speed bump or pot hole on the right hand side of my car and that set it off.
    After much research the jaguar website states, "if the car makes contact with a pedestrian our industry leading pedestrian contact sensing system is designed to automatically raise the bonnet to help cushion a potential impact"
    Correct me if i am wrong but that reads to me if the front bumper makes contact with a person then it will deploy not if you go over a pot hole or speed bump.
    Based on jaguar lookers response that would mean every time i go into a pot hole ill be 2500 out of pocket each time.
    Jaguar found no damage to bumper or bonnet, just scuffs on the spoiler lip attached to bumper.
    What can i do as its unfair i am having to pay for this???any advice would be helpful.

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    The F-Type section is here:

    You'll get a better response from F-Type owners there.

    But for what it's worth, did you go over a speed bump or hit a pot hole? Only you can answer that.

    But even if you did, it should still be a warranty matter, and I for one wouldn't accept any bluster from Jaguar.
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    I suspect you will have to persist with this one, they are probably just trying it on. might help to get some advice from Trading Standards or similar body.
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    A reasonably common issue on the XF, quite a few reports of it happening, but first I have heard of it on an F-Type.
    I had the system disabled on my XFR, maybe I should look at disabling it on my F-Type as well!
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    Stand firm, you didn't collide with anyone or anything and a speed bump or pothole should not set it off.

    If they insist tell them you expected better from Jaguar and their promises to "take better care" of customers is a lie, you firmly believe it's a fault with the car, so it's their problem, they can have it tested by Jaguar to determine the true cause and prevent it from happening again, and if they fail to cover the cost then you will make a small claims court claim against them for recovery of the full cost plus all associated costs until the matter is resolved to your satisfaction.

    I think you can win in court.

    Or how about swapping for a similar car at no expense to you?


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    Trading standards I'd say, the system is't fit for purpose clearly if it's going off when it shouldn't, Write to the papers go as crazy as you need to. This is a design issue in my opinion.
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