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  1. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    Hi folks, I'm in the process of buying a 2005 4.2 V8 NA S-Type which has just been repatriated from Japan. This means it has a Japanese frequency radio which the dealer says he can overcome with an "extender" but although I'll get FM, I won't get RDS. The car is fitted with the Alpine touch...
  2. XJ (X350, X358) Aluminium Body 2003 - 2009
    Now that it's not going dark at three o'clock, or raining, or cold, I'd thought I'd take a look at improving my music/'phone/nav experience by installing my old (2016) Alpine Nav unit and heater controls from a non-nav XJ. I can't express how much easier it is to remove the centre console...
  3. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Hey all, Just wanted to let you all know that the Alpine iLX-700 (or 007 in the US) is an excellent fit for the X-Type. As it's a CarPlay only unit, it doesn't need a lot of space. You can find some photos and notes of my installation here: I'm still...
  4. XK8 / XKR (X100) 1996 - 2005
    I have a 2005 XK8 and understand that the Alpine Sat Nav data is 2002/2003. I need a Europe disc, but do not have the part number. The Jaguar part number for the UK disc is 4W83-10E898-AA. Does anyone have the part number for a compatible Europe disc? Disc refers to both XJ Range and XK Range
1-4 of 4 Results