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  1. XK8 / XKR (X100) 1996 - 2005
    Picked up my 'new' XK8 today - and immediately fell foul of the handbrake! How can you be sure it's off before trying to pull away? Or is it better to ignore it and use the auto box self locking instead? I would rather it worked as 'normal' handbrake and stayed in the raised position when on...
  2. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    Hi All, I have suffered a bit of bad luck and need some advice: Due to the daylight sensor for the headlights failing, the headlights came on their own during the night and the battery on the car went flat. I disconnected the battery and charged the battery up out of the car. In the...
1-2 of 2 Results