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  1. Great Britain & Northern Ireland
    The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Devon Region held its annual Great West Jaguar & Classic Car Day at the historic Torre Abbey, Torquay on Sunday 30th June. This was the third year that Torre Abbey had hosted the event, and the English Riviera provided some perfect sunny, car show weather. It is a...
  2. General Chat
    I was just browsing through the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club event calandar and was quiet interested in this event as it would be nice to have a drive out with other Jag drivers in a convoy all looking great and ending with a nice afternoon in Brighton looking at all the other jaguars on display...
  3. Car Insurance General Chat
    Hi All, Since some toerag set my Jags on fire, I'm getting eye-wateringly high insurance quotes for my next ride and I'm looking for wany way to lower it. (I'm already going down to Third Party Fire and Theft instead of Fully Comp). I've noticed a lot of places ask if you're a member of any...
1-3 of 3 Results