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  1. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    Can anyone can please tell me on a 3.0 V6 1999 S-type where are: 1) both the bank 1 and 2 upstream O2 sensors 2) air temperature sensor 3) water temperature sensor Thanks in advance Tommaso
  2. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Am I right the rear upstream sensor is the grey connector and the downstream black on x type 2lt 2002
  3. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Hi everyone, I have replaced o2 sensors on my x-type 3.0 end of 2001, now that engine light is off the cars stutters a bit on low revs... Any idea? Thanks
  4. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    I need to replace the bank 2, sensor 1 O2 sensor on my 2.5 X-Type (code P-0153). The dealer who's footing the bill is baulking at the daft price for the Jag one, and I don't blame him - it's a daft figure. The trouble is, the opposite end of the market seems likely to be very poor quality...
  5. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    I own a 2002 S-Type R, which has recently shown an engine warning light on the dash. I've taken it to my local garage to have a diagnostic check, the fault comes up as a failed lambda sensor. The garage contacted Jaguar who recommended that not just the faulty one be replaced but that all four...
  6. General Chat
    Hi, My friends OBD scanner (think that is right!) has come up with Bank 2 Sensor 2 fault on my Jag S Type R 2002. I have replaced the Lambda sensor post cat and engine malfunction light still on. It now seems to say a problem with 'heater' not entirely sure as not with car and OBD scanner. Any...
1-7 of 7 Results