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  1. XF / XFR (X250) 2007 – 2015
    Hello everyone,i have a problem with my "new" Jaguar XF 2.2 from year 2014 (October 2013).Is that it is not locking the doors when I press the lock button from the key or from the interior or even that little lever that is next to the lever that openes the door is not locking.What it can be.I...
  2. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Was looking to purchase a Stoplock brand steering wheel lock, but according to their fitment guide, none of the models they offer fit the X-Type's wheel.... Can anyone suggest a lock that DOES fit our vehicle? TIA.
  3. XK8 / XKR (X100) 1996 - 2005
    Hi! I want to buy a replacement glove box for my 1998 Jaguar xkr, but does anyone know if it comes with a key? Or if i need to replace the lock body? Or maybe if the key is universal for the glove box? On my current glovebox the plastic piece has broken of on one side and i cant get it back...
  4. XF / XFR (X250) 2007 – 2015
    Hi all and I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I recently brought a jaguar xf 2008 and I've been having problems with locking and unlocking with the key fob. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes nothing happens at all. It's really wierd, I thought the battery was going so I have...
  5. XK / XKR (X150) 2006 - 2014
    I am totally new to Jaguar and my 07 XK-R is like nothing I have ever owned before - granted I have only driven it about 150 miles yet but its a super machine and I have to say for a 'Super Car'/'Sport Car' pretty comfortable too. However I've discovered a pretty significant security issue and...
  6. XK / XKR (X150) 2006 - 2014
    Dear collected wisdom of this forum. I posted not long ago about some woes with the electrics/battery on my 2006 XK, all of which were solved by replacing the battery. Or so I thought. I have been away for a week only, and one of the problems has returned. After driving, when I stop the car...
  7. XF / XFR (X250) 2007 – 2015
    Car couldn't lock when pressing the remote and beeped twice. Also started showing battery problem on dashboard . Took it to Jaguar dealer, said battery is fine it's with electronics. Continued driving few days with battery warning on. One time when starting, engine cranked halfway and...
  8. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Hi all, I hope that you all had a good Christmas. Does anyone know/have any knowledge about how to fit a run lock system to a Jaguar X-Type? Where I live its about -5 in the mornings and I would like to get her started prior to leaving but obviously security is also in my mind when leaving keys...
  9. XF / XFR (X250) 2007 – 2015
    So, discovered today that one door is not locking by remote or by internal button on dash Before i replace the lock motor, long shot i know, but is there a separate fuse or something for each door that i should check first? Car in question is a 2010 XF 4 door luxury
  10. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    I've no idea how common or not this is: I've owned my S Type for nearly two years, but today for no particular reason, for the first time tried the key in the boot and door locks; just to make sure that they work ok to unlock the car, should the need ever arise. However, to my dismay neither...
  11. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Hi all I have never had a problem with the boot not closing before, but suddenly today, it has decided to pack up. the catch remains open even when slamming the lid shut. I have taken it apart and tried lubing the parts, but that has not worked. Any ideas? Cheers Ash
1-11 of 11 Results