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  1. XF (X260) 2015 - Present
    I got my XF about 3 weeks ago. Had a small issue with Parking brake today which sorted itself. Below is what happened. 1. Started reversing the car. 2. Stopped by braking. 3. Applied parking brake and put the car in park. 4. Changed the car to reverse again. 5. Cancelled parking brake. The car...
  2. XJ (X350, X358) Aluminium Body 2003 - 2009
    Anyone with a 2007-2009 xj have parking brake fault warning on all the there a dyi fix brake works fine...cant loose warning fault
  3. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    I've got myself a pretty 2005 S-type 2.7d Sport Jag. Have to admit was an impulsive buy, the engine was leaking coolant but I thought it will be an easy fix. Turned out not, the leakage was from both known sources, upper and lower part of the engine, and the labor put a big hole in my pocket...
  4. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008
    Hi all, First post on forum; be gentle! After replacing the master brake cylinder (facelift version with sensor) in the Autumn, when driving, the cruise control does not engage (work) at all. There are initially no warnings. After a few miles - usually after reaching a higher speed/revs the...
1-4 of 4 Results