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  1. General Chat
    Hi all, As some of the regulars might know we launched our own online marketplace a while back. We just upgraded and the timing was good as ebay went down the same day! We have over a million items from major brands and retailers, take a look PoundSeller Unique Online Marketplace & Auction...
  2. General Chat
    Hi all, As some of you long term members may recall we launched our online auction site PoundSeller - Unique Online Auction Site and are pleased to announce we have just had our first birthday! We are offering new and existing users 10 free listings to thank everyone for the support. Simply...
  3. General Chat
    Hi Guys As some of you may know I started my own business in the form on an online auction site PoundSeller, ebay alternative, online auction, no commission auction, online auction UK, sell online, ebay, alternative to ebay We have just upgraded so you can list in US Dollar and Euro as well as...
1-3 of 3 Results