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  1. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
  2. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi all, A friend has a barn-find, a 5.3 litre v12 engine off a Jaguar XJS. Unfortunately the rest of the car is missing but he'd like to see if it is a runner or not. It seems to be the later engine with fuel injection but that's as much as I know at the moment. What I was hoping is that...
  3. Engines
    Up until a few months ago a video of a discussion of the V12 engine led by Raymond Baxter with Walter Hassan and Harry Mundy was available on YouTube. At about 20 to 25 minutes duration the film was fascinating and a wonderful record of the design aspects of the engine. This video has since...
  4. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Bad coolant leak (updated video attached), any advice appreciated '87 xjs-c v12 Hi, I have owned an '87 XJS-C V12 for over ten years and have spent thousands on maintenance, it doesn't do that many miles either. The latest fault is this coolant leak. I have attached a video, as you can see it's...
  5. TV, Movies & Cinema
    Anybody see the above episode (Series 2, Ep 5)? Did they destroy an original mid 80s 6.0L TWR, or was it really a late 70s pre HE in a TWR bodykit?
  6. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Can anyone tell me how big of an idiot I may be? I was at a car auction and they had a 1987 XJ-s V12, 2 seater, with a completely convertible top. It only had 87,000 miles on it and the engine looked in great condition. There was a 6 inch tear in the rag top, and very little damage to the body...
  7. E-Type
    Hi, Please see the photos attached of the plates off of the side of the Rear hub. I have a question, does anyone know which wat around the rubber goes inside the plate, as you can see from the photos im not sure if it is the flat side up or not. I did take it appart but it was a long time ago...
  8. XJ6 / XJ12 (Series 3) 1979 - 1992
    Hi guys! I have recently worked on this car to bring it back on the road after serious bodywork has been carried out. The car didn't run properly when I bought it, so I replaced the spark plugs and went over the ignition system, making sure it was all connected properly. It was idling but with...
  9. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Probably not to everyone's taste but I like it cos its mine! Footage from yesterdays Sporting Bears Event at Curborough sprint circuit; Cheers, Rich
  10. XJ6 / XJ12 / XJR / Sovereign (XJ40) 1986 – 1994
    Hi, My big cat has temperature problems in both direction; 1. The AC compressor refuses to engage. It has been thoroughly checked for leaks and filled with cooling agent, but unless I short the switch, it will not engage the compressor clutch. 2. There is little and no respons from the...
  11. XJ12
    Not the same car as the one stopping at temperature. This is a 1986 that just doesn't start. It appears the injectiors don't get the impulse to squirt petrol into the chamber. There is fuel at the rail, the plugs are fine and. when spraying "start spray" into the induction manifolds under...
  12. XJ12
    XJ12 HE has suddenly begun stopping as soon as it's hit running temperature. After waiting an hour, it will start again an run for only 15 minutes. Please help! Kind regards, Bard Thomas
  13. General Chat
    Yesterday my younger brother's Jaguar E-Type got stolen in the Netherlands. He put a lot of savings into this car and was very proud to drive the car this summer after 1 year of renovation. ` The carplate number is: DM-11-44 (Dutch registration). It is a light yellow Jaguar E-Type...
  14. XJ12
    My 1978 Series 2 BW type 12 gearbox is not registering on the dipstick after being unused for 8 years. The 2 spec. types I have read up on are types: ATF type F to M2C 33F (Duckhams Q-Matic) or M2C 35F. These are obviously from the 1970's, what would be the compatible spec for today's ATF fluid...
1-14 of 14 Results