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  1. F-Type (X152) 2013 - Present
    I'm considering investing in dedicated winter wheels/tires for my 2014 V8 S, which shipped with 20" wheels. Has anyone put 19" OEM F-type wheels on their V8 S? The issue would be clearance for the larger brakes on this model. I called ~10 dealers in Canada and the northern US: 7 said it probably...
  2. X-Type (X400) 2001 - 2009
    Hi, So as you can see I have just joined this forum (For probably the 5th time, owned a lot of Jaguars) This coming weekend we are moving into a new house in the countryside in Italy and the road up to the house is ROUGH With regular road tyres the X Type is going to get battered, slither...
  3. Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hey all , new member, long time lurker. I have a 2009 XF Supercharged with 20's. Ive found a set of 18" winter tires and rims. Will these fit on my car? they where originally on a 2011 XF. Im not sure if the SC has bigger brake calipers or not. Thank You
  4. XJ (X350, X358) Aluminium Body 2003 - 2009
    I am seriously considering putting my summer wheels and tyres back on. I have seen 20 mins of snow, not seen a gritter and I am now driving in double figure temps, it was 12 degrees this morning and 13 on my way home this evening. They are forecasting temps upto 16 degrees this weekend! Did I...
  5. Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, About to purchase Continental WinterContact TS 830P 245x40R18 tyres for our S-type 2.7D auto. Unsure whether to purchase the 97V XL or the more expensive 97W XL version of the tyres. I believe that the recommended speed rating is Y for 'normal' tyres and V for winter tyres. Given that we...
  6. Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    HI, We are currently working on winter tyre stocks for the comming 2012/13 winter season and from all accounts on the weather forcasts it looks like a cold winter. If anyone is looking for winter tyres and / or wheels for their Jaguar, please feel free to contact me directly via...
1-6 of 6 Results