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  1. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    I Decided to upgrade my radio with something current. So glad I did. Replaced with a pioneer with alpine rear 5.25 and front 6.5 in front and the sounds are fantastic. (Kept the original of course). With the top down jazz going and rock on the return ride.
  2. Jaguar Cars For Sale
    Garage kept 1995 XJS 2+2 with 79,392 miles on the odometer. The vehicle has been well cared for and maintained since purchasing it in 2007, when it had 51,243 miles. $18,500/negotiable. The car is located in East Haven, CT, but we are willing to ship the vehicle for the cost of shipping.
  3. Jaguar Cars For Sale
    Hi All, I'm looking for a very clean XJS Coupe (no convertibles please), 94 or 95 only. Prefer a 6, but open to the right 12 cylinder car. No projects or cars with needs please, I'm willing to pay for a well maintained, clean car. Open to any color but black, strong preference for Sapphire...
  4. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
  5. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Dear All I have an XJS 3.6 from 1988. It developed a problem: The car starts (Needs a lot of cranking) and runs at first. The temperature needle climbs half way between C and N and stays there. If I drive about 10km and the engine gets warm, the car looses power and starts to backfire. It...
  6. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi all, A friend has a barn-find, a 5.3 litre v12 engine off a Jaguar XJS. Unfortunately the rest of the car is missing but he'd like to see if it is a runner or not. It seems to be the later engine with fuel injection but that's as much as I know at the moment. What I was hoping is that...
  7. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi folks What's the quickest online way to find part numbers? (I don't own a parts catalogue, just the repair operation manual.) I have an '88 XJS H.E. 5.3 V12 with missing door mirrors. Some thief had it away with mine, and I'm looking to replace. UK/London-based, the but car is in storage...
  8. TV, Movies & Cinema
    Anybody see the above episode (Series 2, Ep 5)? Did they destroy an original mid 80s 6.0L TWR, or was it really a late 70s pre HE in a TWR bodykit?
  9. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hello Guys, Has anyone of you converted an XJS 4.0 Auto to manual? What gearbox, pedalbox etc have you used. And what kind of costs am i facing? Thanks, Mathis
  10. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello everyone. I purchased a 1991 XJS Classic Edition convertible. It has been garaged all its life, but for the last six years it has just sat. The fellow that owned it was tired of it clogging up his storage space, so let me have it for a price that I felt I had some room to make it whole...
  11. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi all, I bought a '91 XJS in the Spring of this year (boyhood dream ticked off bucket list!), and so this is going to be my first winter driving her. I live on Dartmoor, and a lot of the roads I have to drive around are unlikely to get much gritting (and there tends to be a higher rate of...
  12. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hello everyone, I know DarrylC had some issues with his scuttle and I too will join his club. Unfortunately for me I'm not as skilled as Darryl so if anyone finds this thread in the future, hopefully it will be useful. So as a complete noob, what is the process involved that will patch up my...
  13. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    I have an 89 XJS with ABS brakes. I don't feel very confident with the system as it seems it needs a large distance to stop the car. Moreover yesterday it was a hot day and after a quick drive on the highway I lost my brake pedal. After intense pumping I managed to stop the car and had the road...
  14. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Thanks for the Forum. I'm excited to learn and share... specifically about XJS, but others too. Tim
  15. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hello Everyone. My intro and car can be seen here: But as summary, I'm 16 and I bought this car on the advice from someone who sells XJSs (not his car) that this XJS should be pretty good for the money. I'm being optimistic, but I'm also very...
  16. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hello Everyone. I have recently acquired a 1984 XJ-SC 3.6 manual and have one or two issues that I am working my way through and sorting. However, the one problem that I cannot get to grips with is a hesitancy problem when I hit the accelerator pedal. This is noticeably worse when the engine is...
  17. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Apologies if not of interest, but I made a short video of my XJ-S at the JEC Prescott Hill climb today; Cheers, Rich
  18. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    What are some mods I can do to make my 91 xjs 5.3 more reliable and less complex I would like to keep this car for a long time but I don't want to constantly pour money into the thing
  19. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi there! New to the forums here. I have a 1996 XJS with 105,000 miles. It runs pretty well, however has a few significant issues: Needs both AC/heater blowers to be replaced, front left fender damaged, and needs a new top. Leaks a lot and it's raining like crazy this season. We were quoted...
  20. XJ-S / XJS 1976 – 1996
    Hi everyone, newbie here please see profile...... Can anyone advise me on how to conduct a bench test for my instrument cluster on an 89 XJS V12. Had it out, traced the breaks in the flexi PCB (starting to look really flaky) and added grounds. On applying 12 v from battery results in...
1-20 of 29 Results