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1 x lazy key Fob

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I have a lazy key fob... i have changed the battery but its still lazy... need to be right next to the car and hold the open button for a while for it to work... the spare works from 30ft away but has a broken chain holder....

do you think buying a replacement fob of ebay would resolve the issue?
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Had the same problem in the past and it has happened again on the one key I've been using most of the time. The lock/unlock buttons fail to activate the cars locking system. I reckon the buttons just wear after a few years of use and whilst it might be possible to sort it out it is easier to just replace the locking fob part of the key.

You can buy the part off Ebay for about 20 quid and its easy enough to attach to the key part and then reprogramme. I'd always go for a brand new fob as a used one could be just as worn make sure you get a fob that's programmed for the UK market - 433 mhz I think.
Thanks JJXT its nice to confirm before spending any money ;-)
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