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19" Arden Alloys

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hi all, i've got a set of 19" arden alloys on my s-type. im trying to sell my car privately, but not having much luck. i went to a local garage and enquired about a trade-in and the guy said he would only give me book price for it, i pointed out the the wheels alone retail at over £2k and he said it didnt matter what wheel it had on they would only give me book price. so that being the case im thinking of playing the guy at his own game and taking the Ardens off and replacing them with the cheapest, crappiest second hand things i can lay my hands on that will fit on the car and selling the decent ones on ebay to try and recoup a bit of cash. does anyone think it would be worth the effort?does anyone know how much people would be prepared to pay for a second hand set? i could see any the same on ebay. two of the tyres are only a couple of months old and the other 2 have plenty of life left in them
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Would these fit an xtype and would my Aruba 18'' fit an stype? I have been searching for a set of these for ages.
im sure i've seen an x-type with theses wheels on so i guess they would fit. but if not and you want a set of them so badly, you could always just buy my s-type off me :p

i cant seem to get photo's to upload on here and i cant get the link to the shop website to work either. but theres photo's of them on my gumtree ad

2002(52) Jaguar S-Type 2.5v6 Sport Auto Black 19" alloys in Barrow In Furness, Cumbria | Used Jaguar for sale |
As far as I can tell, the Arden 19" alloys have the same part number for both X-Type & S-Type.
So, theoretically they fit. I've seen a few X-Types with these wheels fitted.
Sound promising. Lol as much as I would love to buy the whole car I'm afraid I love my xtype too much. How much are you looking for for the wheels?
i'm not sure, thats why i started the thread off, i dont know how much people are prepared to pay for second hand wheels, and id it would be worth the aggro
Well if your wheels would fit my car my 18 inch Aruba wheels (with nearly new tyres all round) would fit your car and maybe £200 on top?
i think your wheels might be a bit too good for what im after. i really want to put the crappiest things i can find on it, i was thinking more along the lines of sticking 4 space savers on(if thats even legal) or , at worst, a bog standard set of alloys and getting as much cash back as possible. just trying to minimise the amount im gonna lose by trading the car in, as ive been told ill get the same for it no matter what wheels it has on
Putting 4 space savers on is illegal
I was looking to use 2 on the rears for winter use but even that is illegal
i suspected it might be put hadnt looked into it. a really crappy set of standard alloys it is then
There's four sets of 16" OEM S-Type wheels with tyres on ebay right now

Jaguar 16" original alloy wheels ( set of 4) with tyres in very good condition | eBay £150
jaguar wheel with tyres | eBay £120

Just depends on where you are in relation to the seller.

BTW there was a set of 19" Ardens for sale on this forum a while back, they were all knackered (worst kerb-rash i'd seen on such nice wheels) i forget how much he was asking but it was crazy money for such poor condition. You can see the new price on the Arden website.
yeah i looked on the arden website. theyre about £2600 new i think. one of them has a bit kerbing but is only noticable close up, and the other 3 are spotless
what size are the wheels?
as in width and how much do you want for them?
they're 245/35/19. im not sure how much i want for them really , thats why i started this thread, to find out if its going to be worth going through the hassle of selling them.
thats the tyre size :)
are the wheels 8.5 or 9.5
mine has 8.5 front with 245-35-19s
and 9.5 rears with 275-30-19s
if yours are 8.5 all round they are not big enough for what I need.
I am after a set but in the same wheel size I have
hmm im not too sure, im at work at the moment so cant look, im guessing they will all be 8.5 though
The link in the first post takes you to the Arden website, which says 8Jx19
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