My personal circumstances have changed hence this very reluctant sale. My plan was to start a wedding car business and use this together with my XJ6, but sadly this is no longer viable.

The car has had 2 previous owners from new. The one before me is a family friend of 56 years and he cherished the car for 14 years, only selling it due to major back surgery. He was a time-served mechanic and serviced the vehicle himself using only OEM parts.

  • It's had a new headlining & board professionally fitted (2021) at a cost of £750
  • It has a new blue top tint OEM windscreen
  • It has a completely refurbished boot with replacement carpets where necessary
  • It comes with the original & unused Jaguar toolkit
  • There are no leaks anywhere
  • The sunroof is fully operational
  • The wheels have been refurbished and all tyres are as new
  • Solent Blue paint and Isis Blue leather
  • All switches & displays work as they should
  • Engine purrs on idle and drives beautifully
  • Great MOT history
  • Original handbook & paperwork is present
  • It's recorded on the XJ40 Register
  • The rectangular headlights have been professionally replaced with twin rounds for improved night driving
  • A gaiter on the steering rack had split so I had the whole thing removed, stripped & refurbished - it's essentially a new rack
  • Mileage is currently 97209 and that's unlikely to increase much due to insurance limitations
  • Very smooth automatic gearbox
  • It comes with the original Jaguar floor mats
  • Needs a new battery
  • It has a repairable hairline crack in the manifold

Overall the car is in amazing condition; there are a few very, very fine scratches but none that are noticeable and the interior is near-perfect except for mild wear on the driver’s seat vertical. During the time I've owned this 3.6 Sovereign I've not used it much as the XJ6 was my daily driver. When I DO take it out it reminds me every time just how good it is and what incredible build quality the Sovereign was.

Put another way, if my circumstances hadn't recently changed then I'd be keeping, using and enjoying it. I can't emphasise enough that this sale is not something I'm gleeful about.

I have plenty of photos but understandably I'm limited on what I can upload. Please ask if you'd like to see them?