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1995 x300 sport wont start

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Hi a friend of mine has a 1995 jaguar x300 that i actually sold him 3 years ago. It hasn't been on the road in a year but it has been regularly started. A month ago I fully serviced it and fitted a new battery for him. Two weeks ago the car was picked up and driven to the Mot station where it passed and was driven pack and parked up until yesterday.

Yesterday he went to start the car but it turns over but does not fire. I came over to check the obvious things, I took off a fuel hose and it has fuel pressure but it has no spark. Now i have 3 questions to see if i can get to the bottom of this.

Firstly if the car was immobilised or had a security related problem, would it turn over and would the fuel pump work? Surely the car wouldnt turn over at all.

Secondly I noticed whilst cranking that the rev counter doesnt move at all which would point at a crank position sensor. Does anyone's register an rpm whilst cranking?

Thirdly i noticed that also whilst cranking the fuel gauge needle wast fluctuation between empty and 1/3 of a tank.
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1 Correct.
2 Correct, sound like classic crank sensor fail to me. Yes, rpm needle should always move to roughly 200rpm upon cranking.
3 No idea.
Brilliant then I will order a crank sensor
I tell you what... you wouldn't mind doing me a favour while your in the engine bay could you?
Would you be able to take a peek at the brake lines for us and see which port on the master cylinder is run to the front hubs..... upgraded to an x300 vac survo on my xj40, and just want to check the pipes are the right way around!

No problem at all. I will take some pics for you as well. I will be with the car within the week
It was the crank sensor causing the problem. Im really sorry but i got my phone out to take pictures of the servo for you but my phone went flat :( im really sorry
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