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1999 V8 Daimler - advice sought

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Hi All,

I'm going to view a 1999 V* Daimler on Monday and would appreciate any suggestions, tips or views.

At 66K miles, it appears to be (per good pics) in well-looked-after "showroom" condition and has FSH.
Plan to enquire about the engine of course + tensioners, etc wvt determining the actual condition.
I plan to use as principal transport - do about 9-10K m.p.a, of which, prob some 40% would be M-way.
Before clocking up miles, would it make sense to :
  • have a Jag dealer / Box specialist replace the auto box fluid
  • have the tensioners / water pump done (if not already)
  • anything else?

And, can anyone share actual v. book consumption experience, please?

Lots of questions - any responses would be much appreciated.

With TIA
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Apols to all who may see this thread has been posted twice ... when the first attempt appeared not to work, I re-posted ... hadn't realised had apparently auto gone for moderation.
Look out for:

Rotten front chassis legs (they go behind the brake pipe and to fix this means subframe off and manifolds off; £1000+ to repair)
Knackered front suspension (the slightest knock, wander, or uneven tyre wear means £1000 for a rebuild)
Nikasil issues (an engine that idles anything other than perfectly smoothly is generally shot)

Lots of shiny examples with bent MOTs out there.

I'd go with a 2002/2003 "regular" version to be honest. Get one with cruise, dimming mirrors, heated front seats, and a heated front screen and you've just picked up all the useful features that the Daimler would have had, save the badge.

20 mpg in moderate town traffic, 25 mpg on the motorway. You can hit 30 on the motorway if you're an angle. 20 on the motorway and you're a hooligan.
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Hi markocosic,

Thanks very much for that input - very helpful - I hadn't come across the front chassis leg prob, partic.
Happy to hear that 25+mpg poss on Mways - will do a fair proportion of travel on French autoroutes at 85mph with cruise control on.

Much appreciated
Get a Jag specialist, preferably an independent to look over it - those early V8s have to be eyed with maximum suspicion!

If I may ask, why this particular one? There are a lot of Jags and Daimlers for sale at the moment, including late V8s and the bulletproof Straight 6s, and as the recession drags on and the fuel prices go ever higher, these cars are getting ever cheaper. I'm looking at a Daimler Six tomorrow which is up for less than £2500 and rust free (allegedly. I'm bringing my torch). You don't need to settle for an early V8 with all the known issues.
Hi Galcian,

No probs - you're right of course, there are probably a number of safer bets.
I'm an active and mobile retiree and have been a Jaguar enthusiast since I don't know when.
First ever was a MkVIII, this was followed by a 3.8 MkII - which was stolen by a bunch of tealeaves and ended up totalled by them trying to break thru a police road block! Then had an 3.8 S-Type. Finally had 2 x XJ40s in the '80s.

The reason I've picked on this model is that I just love the lines of the Sovereign/X308 cars.
I have a 4.2 Sovereign III and I love V8 engines - so I thought I'd get one of the last 'real' Jaguars with a V8 engine (if its a Nikasil replacement model).

So ... there you have it .... a heart over head choice I'm afraid.

What about a later (say 2001), pre-X350 model?

Many thanks for your suggestions
Kind regards
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Hi Logis,

I've recently had a similar issue with tealeaves and Jaguars. They didn't manage to steal mine but they got ahold of my Jerry-can in the boot and had their fun that way...

2001 onwards V8s have uprated chain tensioners and none of the Nikasil problems, so they're a safer bet. They do still have the gearbox issues (All the 308's had the same set up I think) and should have the fluid changed if it hasn't been done recently. I'm sure it's possible to get a great early V8 and certainly there are some bad later ones, but I'd be much more confident looking at 2001/2002 models. I had a 2001 Executive model before it was written off and it was very reliable.

Best Regards,
Oh dear ... sorry to hear!
B###ards, eh!

Yeah - agree, would like to find a non-Nikasil, upgraded tensioners, 2001 model, but all the hens I've seen recently are displaying more teeth !

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