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2.0 Diesel X-Type - What is the best way to undo HP union on the PS Pump?

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After some terrific advice from "Bloders" I am ready to change my leaky power-steering pump. I do not want to damage the union so I assume I need a special tool of some kind. The HP union is sitting behind a metal pipe (Turbo?) and is awkward to get at. I have removed the air-filter & bracket, tensioning pulley, battery and tray in order to help access.

The union appears to be 18mm fitting into a 22mm. I feel that I need some sort of bent handled stilson on the 18mm.... any ideas?

I cannot see that it is possible to remove the pump complete with this hose attached because the other end looks to be inaccessable near the bulkhead behind the engine!
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Sorted and dead easy"

You need a Buttefly Socket and a 22mm spanner.... Job done!!!
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