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2.7 D 2500 rpm engine/exhaust resonance drone

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I would like to know if any of you that have a 2.7 D engine in you S Type, experience an engine/exhaust system drone/resonance at 2500 rpm and to a lesser degree at 1250 rpm, particularly when pulling hard.
I have had this on my car, a 2006 model, ever since I bought it some years ago and it is particularly noticeable when towing. I always put it down to the exhaust system, probably a loose baffle or something, and determined to buy a new one at some future date to cure it, but having now fitted a completely new system, the centre box/pipes and both rear boxes ( £270 in total for brand new Jaguar original parts on good old ebay !! ), it is still exactly the same.
I found one of the rear boxes had a huge hole in it, so was sure that had been the cause, so I am now wondering if it is endemic to this model and engine type.
Do any of you 2.7D owners out there experience the same thing, or does anyone know if it is being caused by something else ?
Many thanks.
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On all S Types there is a metal baffle plate above the prop shaft in the tunnel Nev.

They often loosen and rattle so get that checked.

Banging around on the underside of the car with a plastic or wooden mallet (not a rubber one) often reproduces rattles too.
Thanks Jim, but it's not a rattle, it's a sort of booming/droning sound.
When I fitted the new exhaust system I had a good look underneath and checked out that heat shield. I actually had to re-attach the rear end of it using a large penny washer where vibration had worn through the bolt head. Nev.
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