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2.7d Auto - Pressurised air duct split - Big bang! Need help with part number please.

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After some odd behaviour on the motorway my S-Type has decided to spit its dummy out.

I was on the motorway and noticed that the consumption had improved to an unrealistic figure on 85MPG @75MPH, usual DPF regeneration behaviour so i dropped it into 5th for about 5 miles (about 2700RPM). Strangely though this lasted for longer than usual and I by now was exiting for the M6. When I get back unto speed I was at about 3/4 throttle on the onramp when there was a big bang from the right hand side of the engine bay, much like a blowout. Car dropped to limp mode and I was off the motorway within 2 miles, checked everything visually and no oil leaks just an unusual throaty engine note.

The culprit was this charge pipe/box split: (See the black V shaped divide in the duct dead centre) (Out of focus, will get the good camera out if needed)

Zoomed out

Thing is, I cannot tell if its part of the intercooler or a separate part. I've checked the EPC and can't see it at all. At first I thought it was part #4 (see below link) but that's immediately after with a boost pipe connecting them. Currently Jaguars parts IT system is down locally so I'm trying to find online info with no success as yet.

Last query, injector anyone else's louder on the offside than the nearside?
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Wow, what a coincidence. I think I have had just the same thing today - see my thread on the X350 forum.

In my case it was part of the intercooler (black plastic on drivers side).

The whole intercooler looks to be the only way, original part number of C2C30458 now superceeded to C2D5798 and about £300 I'm afraid.

Sorry - that's the part numner for the X350.

For the S-type the intercooler is:
XR847813 To VIN (N18676)
C2C27262 From VIN (N18677)

- looks just the same though. If you've got the EPC it's under Engine Cooling System - Radiator and Mountings - Diesel
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I was thinking that too in the end and having read your thread I think we've both gone the same way here, it must be a defect in the manufacturing of the intercooler as it's failed right along a bonded point cleanly. I'm going to take this off and take a closer look during the week.

You can see that it looks like a lid that's just popped off, talk about frustrating!

Advanced Radiators: Pricing for: ICJR01 JAGUAR S-TYPE £256 delivered with 2 years warrantee.

I don't mean to sound like a cheapskate but this piece that has dislodged seem like it should just go back on with a little engineering! Im more worried that the charge pressure was too high like a faulty MAP sensor or wastegate issue.
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About 60% of the plastic cap has been blown off the intercooler and the fracture started from around the seal it seems (what a nightmare to remove!!)

I've sourced a cheap 2nd hand replacement and am waiting CES to open on Monday to order a new auxiliary belt and service kit. Given the difficulty to get to things like the radiator drain and the belt I might as well service it two months early.
Yes that's just where mine has gone. I've taken the plastic cap off - it was only held on by about 25% of the perimeter - and it looks as though the bonding has failed. It doesn't look like a crack though, just that over time the bonding has slowing deteriorated. I had thoughts about glue and somehow screwing or riveting it back on but yesterday ordered a new one. I'm not looking forward to fitting it though. The arrangement looks identical in the S-type to the XJ - did you get to it by removing the coolant radiator and leaving the air con condenser alone?

My worry now is whether the DPF is OK or totally blocked. Time will tell I suppose!
Radiator and intercooler come off as a sandwich leaving the aircon condenser in-situ (needs supporting). Never worked under the bonnet of an S-type, what a PITA! Remove air box, both turbo inlets and most of the water pipes, this will give you the space to work it back. The mistake I made was trying to keep the pipes and radiator in place and attempting to remove the intercooler alone.

Might be easier on yours as the top cross member was right in the way on mine.

As for the DPF, I was forced to do 50 miles with zero boost. 35 miles were done in limp mode and the rest was taken very easy <2000 RPM max to shift up and 1400 cruising. One of the few times an auto is the wrong box of choice. I've never had a DFP warning in the 6000 miles I've ran the car but I consciously go through the regeneration program on the A roads around here (MPG spike and back to normal in a lower gear)
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Right, I've replaced the intercooler and done a fanbelt and service whilst I'm at it.

I'm still not happy with one thing, the instant MPG after cruising for a while is up past 70MPG and often 85-99MPG. From my 7 months of ownership the only time it's been like that was 5 minutes before the intercooler exploded.

On top of all this the airbag light has come one with a 42 code blinking away...not a happy chappy!!
So last night I finished putting the new intercooler in (what a long and awkward job it is) and tonight I've taken it for a long drive.

When it first started up it didn't quite sound right and straight away the red and amber lights and restricted performance came up.

I've driven it round quite a bit - now it's generally just the amber light and restricted performance but this doesn't want to go out.

Maybe another longish drive tomorrow and it'll decide to regen itself... fingers crossed.
I've avoided driving mine today as I want to set aside an hour to cruise the local quiet motorway without disruption. I've not had and lights (fingers crossed) but I have disturbed the front airbag sensor which threw the 42 blink code.

So quick question, where is this sensor? Is it the one dead centre above the radiator, single bolt and two locating plastic nubs?
I wondered what that things was - thought it was something to do with the climate control actually but it wasn't obvious what it was.

I seem to think that all airbag sensors have yellow wiring to them and I think it's probably an accelerometer mounted safely inside the car though?
Just looked at the EPC - I think you're right, that thing mounted just above the cooling pack does seem to be an airbag sensor
Brill, it's probably the easiest component to get to on the car, will check its connections tomorrow. Cheers for that.
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