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2 issues 1.spare wheel footwell 2.rubber wheels on cruise control & radio controls

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2 issues 1.spare wheel footwell 2.rubber wheels on cruise control & radio controls

Ok guys

Can anyone help me I have a water issue in the spare wheel well and I know that it's no coming in from the boot seals etc etc, I have noticed that there are 2x rubber grommets in this well that look like they have seen better days and I believe that the water maybe coming in from there, has anyone any knowledge of these grommet part numbers I have spoken to guy Soloman jaguar and they could not find the part numbers for these grommets.

Issue number 2

Can you buy replacement wheel rubber for the steering wheel controls, mine look worn and could do with some new rubber

Thanks all

Jaguar x-type 2.0l diesel sport 55 plate

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The parts guy there wants to be sent on a course for more training!

Its easy to find on his EPC under
and then under Trunk Floor he would find the following grommets listed:-
Item 5
Metal Sealing Plug
Spare Wheel Well
Qty 2
Item 5
Metal Sealing Plug
Spare Wheel Well
Qty 2
Item 6
Grommet Oval
Spare Wheel Well
Qty 1
Item 7
Plastic Plug
Spare Wheel Well
Qty 1

Re the steering wheel these are the individual parts available
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Re water in spare wheel well, had this on mine when new it was rearlight cluster badly fitted seal.

New seal fitted no more trouble in 6 yrs

I would like to replace my cruise control rubber wheel switch as well. It still works, but the rubber is worn. How do you remove the panel that holds the rubber wheel and 2 switches?
I dont think you can replace the rubber wheels which is a shame, from the looks of the diagrams that have been given it looks like a complete new unit has to be purchased ...... which is a pain
How do I get the panel off the steering wheel that contains the wheel and 2 switches?
The switch is one unit. It is held on with a bolt from the back. Don't try to prise it off.

Somewhere at the end of the how to guide on my signature, are some photos that will show this.

I found that I had to drill a hole in the back of the steering wheel back cover to access this bolt. (allen head). You could take the wheel off, if you want, but this would mean disconnecting the airbag and risking the 'clock-spring' cable becoming unravelled.
In response to Big cat little cat's excellent instructions and success, I wanted to change my cruise control switch panel; my wheel switch rubber had worn, although the cruise still worked fine. Here is how I did it:

Firstly, remove the panel below the steering wheel, by your knees, by simply pulling it off. The top and bottom steering column shrouds are held together by 3 screws, a T20 driver is required.

I then unscrewed the 4 screws holding the rear of the steering wheel on. Again T20 driver is required.

I then unclipped the airbag module (the battery had been disconnected for 30 mins beforehand). I initially used a small screwdriver with limited success. I then moved to a larger screwdriver and the module was off within a few minutes of fiddling. This picture was taken at the end, but I wanted to show the size of screwdriver.

One of the 3 rectangular holes to use to unclip the airbag:

There is a thick white wire that you have to unclip in 3 places. Once off you can see clearly:

Circled in red is one of the corresponding pieces that the white wire clips into. So, when you are rooting around with you screwdriver, you need to push the white wire from the inside towards the outside of the steering wheel. Insert the screwdriver blade and then twist.

The airbag module tucks nicely ontop of the steering wheel. I then slackened the steering wheel mounting nut. A T50 bit is required. Mine was not very tight. As you undo the screw, you feel the steering wheel spring towards you. I slackened the screw off, but I did not remove it.

The loose wheel gave me enough room to fit a short T20 bit to unscrew the cruise control panel. I used a 10mm spanner on the bit as a finger pushed the bit into the screw.

The switch panel is removed and the electrical connection is disconnected.

Here is what my pedantic vanity cost me. £75 plus VAT later......

Everything was reassembled and the car test driven and everything works just fine.

By comparison, the push switches on my phone and audio control panel on the left side of the steering wheel are shiny, whereas my new cruise panel has matt switches. Thankfully, my pedanric vanity understands the matt finish will shine up after a while.
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Excellent instructions with photos to remove the airbag. I will say that it can be done easily without removing the airbag, the price of course is the hole drilled in the back cover.

This is not something that bothers me because it cannot really be seen and is not noticable. I fully appreciate your 'pedantic vanity' though, and do understand why you choose the airbag route over the drilling holes route.

This alone would make a handy How to Guide I think.
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