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2001 Sport 3.0 AWD Fuse Box Drawing needed....

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I am having issues with my ABS light not working.
The garage has checked the fuse but I want to double check.
Does anyone have a PDF of the fuse box so that I can identify the fuse number for the ABS Dash light.

Where is the fuse it at the back of the glove box?

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Hi Mike

This link should give you what you want :- TOPIx - TOPIx

Click on roadside emergency


Wombleman, could I suggest you stick to one thread for your ABS concerns, not starting new ones for each 'branch' of the story! A moderator might be able to 'tidy up' here!
There is not a specific fuse for the ABS dash light, but the ignition controlled supply to the ABS module, that should include it, is F96, 7.5A in the fuse box at the back of the glove box.
Would I be correct then in thinking that it would also not be possible to cut one of the cables that goes into the multi-connector at the back of the Speedo Cluster to stop the light illuminating?
There is no specific wire into the Instrument Cluster that supplies only the ABS light. Nor is there any direct hard wire connection between the ABS Module and the Cluster. All necessary info is passed via the CAN network along with a whole heap more info from other systems .
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