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2002 calipers replacing with later 2004+ calipers, need an answer please

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I am having to change the rear calipers on my 2oo2 2.5 V6, Had rear wheels squeaking when warmed up, only stopping the squeaking when brake pedal is used then squeaking again when released, i have tried everything i can think off, i get it in both rear wheels, so only thing i can try now is changing the calipers, obviously, as there is common problem with the earlier model calipers, i want to put on 2004+ calipers, but does the hangers need changing too?

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also could i ask, if i can turn the pistons in the calipers, does this indicate that they are not seized? as i dont want to change them if no need, only other thing is the handbrake which could be causing my problem but have no idea where to start looking on that! and yes, as you may have guessed, im no mechanic!
As I understand it, having suffered this on mine, it's the handbrake mechanism that seizes not the piston.

The later calipers also have different carriers and different pads. So if you change them, you'll need to change the lot.

I don't think this is a total cue, I read that the later ones can seize too, they're just not as bad. I replaced a caliper with a recon unit. 12 month warranty, £74.
Lee, the new caliper's are interchangeable with the old carrier's. With the wheel off,and the end of the cable de latched from caliper return mechanism, car in gear so it doesn't move, get somebody to operate the HB, you should see the cable move in and out of the outer cable(there is a rubber boot over the the two where the inner dissapear's into the outer), if it goes in and does not come out when HB released, or if you have difficulty pulling it back out by hand, there is a fault with the cable itself and need's to be replaced.Do the same for opposite side in case both cables have failed.
Lee, the new caliper's are interchangeable with the old carrier's.
Then I gracefully stand corrected, I was told the opposite was the case.
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