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Hello All,
Had got some help on here before on the passenger seat wiring from the passenger seat of my 2002XJ8 that I retro fit into another project. So today had a little time before the big dinner and was testing it out the seat on the workbench. I think I crossed the wires as my test leads got hot. Now nothing works on the seat. I did test the motors separately and they seem to work ok. I did this by running power directly to them. Is there any kind of fuse in that seat somewhere I can not see? I should also mention I had a problem with the forward and back motion of the seat. The track on the one side was getting hung up on something. In the middle of trying to figure that out there were these black rubber band or bungee cords things in the tracks I removed. No idea on what those are for, anyone have a thought or think that could be the issue some how? Thanks Mike
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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