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2003 s type 3.0

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Well hello all. Im looking for some advice. My wifes s type has tons of squeaks and pops when driving on even the smallest of bumps. And here in California the roads suck almost everywhere. I want to just go ahead and rebuild the whole suspension. Does anybody know of a good kit that wont break the bank buying it?
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What year is the s type? There are many changes to the suspension across the years.
Its a 2003. No mods at all everthing is oem
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Having the car on a lift and being gone over with a knowledgeable person with his eyes, ears and a pry-bar should isolate the issues. Some items, such as sway bar links can make a lot of noise when worn, but are an easy item to replace...
Tks. I really want to change most of it considering it has 180000 miles and most of those were in texas. & the high heat im sure ate up the rubber components
Most of the suspension will be Lemforder components. So look for replacements from this brand as it was the OEM in most cases.
Loads of threads in the archive about changing suspension components over.
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Tks i will look that up. I dont want all those cheap knock offs
The front control arms for instance are the exact same items with the Jaguar logo ground off after production and in different packaging and half the price.
Wow i wonder why they would take off the logo.
So Jaguar can sell them at double the price.
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Most manufacturers do the same thing. Just ordered some BMW wiper blades. The last pair were £45 from BMW. They are made by and stamped underneath SWF which is part of Valeo and can be had in their box for half the price. Same thing.
I have a new problem. The passengers side rear keeps gettingva little lower than the rest of the car. And then its normal again. Does this 2003 s type 3.0 have air ride or some other self leveling system?
No. Are you sure.
Could be a broken spring.
Its weird . One minute its a bit low and then the next its the same as the rest. Thats why i thought it had some kind of self leveling system.
Wow i wonder why they would take off the logo.
This is actually a part of the OEM contract to provide parts/components to the auto manufacturers for the reasons detailed above. Money and implied endorsement of the part in the aftermarket.
I just want to say thanks to all. Your advice has been wonderful and greatly appreciated. Its so nice to have this available.
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Check to see if your car has active suspension. If you look at the top of suspension damper you may see some electrical wires.
tyres or springs. There isn’t really anything else that’ll effect the cars height unless something is literally hanging off.
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