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2012 XKr Fuel Economy

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Hi All

Can i just ask everyone with a 5L XKr for a snapshot opinion on fuel economy?

This is my thirst XKR and, although I accept its the first 5L I've owned, it seems to be running a lot lower that I'd expect!

I'm currently getting 21-22 but I do do a lot of motorway miles. My 6L DB9 did 23 pretty solid over 3 years and 75000 miles of ownership as a comparison!

Anyone else?

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Hi, I get 21 avg but thats mainly urban/country motoring.

Depends very much on how and what sort of driving you do. On a gentle long run my XFR (same engine) but slightly heavier car will do up to 30+ mpg. Short runs or a heavier foot and it is nearer 20. It has been mapped which I have found improved mpg
Hmm mines actually 20.2 based on 75 miles a day of motorway driving. Still seems low.....?
How many miles has your done?
16mpg around town and 20-21 on the motorway.
I'm on 5000 miles, bought her as an ex-demo at 2000 miles. I
She's still a very young engine then, as the miles add up the engine will loosen up and I would expect your economy to improve.
To be honest I was thinking of doing a hard reset by removing the positive terminal from the battery for half an hour. More than once on my previous car this appears to reset the dynamics of the car. It has spent 5 months being a demonstrator, I bet they weren't all 80 year old grannies with eggshell feet!

Anyone any opinion on this?
Hi AMH77, Your car purchase is similar to mine I Bought from stratstone with 2k on the clock and now has 6k on it.
As I said im getting 21 avg, Last month my car was in for a recall on the "battery drain" and required the battery disconnecting and I have since noticed no difference in trip comp could try it but I dont see it making any difference.

Mine has 16k on the clock, does 16-17 around town and 22-24 if all motorway @ 70 ish.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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