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3.5l v8 xjr

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Was there ever such a car made in alumumium body or were they all 4.2L ?
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They were all 4.2.
Thanks, but are you sure ? It's important. I can't find any stuff about 3.5 XJRs
Why is it important do you have a 3.5 XJR?
They never made an X350 3.5 XJR.
Maybe someone stuck an XJR badge on one!
Or, are you thinking of the XJR15 Race car. That had a 3.5 Cosworth N/A V8.

Here's a link;
There are 3.5L V8 X350's kicking around, but not R models.
I saw a couple advertised, black ones, that looked like XJR's, with Sepang wheels, and the blacked out grille & rear trim.
But they aren't R's, maybe just Sport's.
Why is it important do you have a 3.5 XJR?
Just to win a bet and also.... I'm sure the 3.5 engine was discontinued before 2008. Yes ?
According to a book I have called "Jaguar All the Cars" there were 5 specs of the 3.5
The 3.5 Sport SWB was dropped in 2006 (only 523 were ever produced from 2003-2006) and the rest were all made up to and including 2008
Thanks, Buck. So in 2008 some 3.5's were still being produced ?
My X350 is a 3.5SE, it is a 2003 model
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