'71 XKE 4.2 Help! Strange top end noise and power fail.


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Jul 17, 2021
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I had a strange incident today and can't understand what happened, While driving my 71' XKE 4.2 (dual Strombergs) it was purring along with no indication of problems whatsoever. Then after it warmed (5 miles or so) I noticed it had problems picking up from idle after sitting at a junction for a minute or so. After this happened a couple of times the third time the engine almost stalled but I managed to catch it and keep going. However the top end of the engine suddenly started to rattle a lot, sounded like valve train rattle and quite loud, I could hear it through the dashboard, and (this is the strange part) there appeared to be a general power failure of all the instruments at the same time including the tach, all the small gauges and even the indicators. However the engine kept running and had the power to get me to a safe stopping place. Then after stopping upon restarting after a minute or two, all the noise just stopped and the gauges came back to life as if nothing had happened. I can't fathom what happened. Any ideas on what the problem is would be much appreciated.