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99 XK8 Rear axle subframe

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Hi folks does anyone know if the XK8 and XJ share components for the rear axle/sub-frame cos I need to replace mine and wondered if it was possible to buy a second hand unit and refurb it from the XJ series.
I've read somewhere that the diffs are not compatible but would appreciate any help with the rest of the bits that make up the sub-frame
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a lot of the parts are shared, yes.

Off the top of my head, I would suspect that the diff (according to year), the main side-members and the parking brake lever are different

you can, however, check for yourself - go onto the JDHT website and look at the parts catalogues for the models concerned
I swapped my MY2000 XKR rusty sub-frame for a much better one from, I think, an XJ. I think Jagslags helped out, give them a ring.
Which bit do you need ?
I recently replaced the sort-of cross member (C2N1017) and now have the old one cluttering up my man-shed !
I don't want to give it away as I paid good money for the replacement. But ......... if that's what you need, PM me and maybe there's a deal to be done !!

If it's the smaller mounting brackets at the front of the assembly, that's more of a problem - particularly with the convertible - as they are no longer available.

See here :
Quick tip. While you have the sub frame dropped change the diff oil. :D I learned the hard way.

Ohh and DD. You made a home made press? Very clever idea. However I cheated to remove some bushes. I used the 4 post lift. I lowered it onto something, too long ago to remember what, but that pushed out the bushes and pressed in the new ones a doddle! Just for future ref.
Frank. Good point about the diff oil. I didn't drop the whole subframe - just the "A" frame. I couldn't do the "4 post lift trick" as I bought a new/old A Frame from a breaker and replaced my existing with that "new" one. My major issue was with the two mounting brackets either side which were MOT advisories and looking very sad. Not available new, and quite difficult to get in the UK so mine came from Arizona !! My "old" A frame is pretty good - a bit of surface rust but nothing a wire brush and some black paint won't sort out !!
My A frame had rotted through close to the front mounts. Have kept the old one as a pattern to make new tubular fabricated/laser cut if ever needed.
Fortunately I had "in stock" a polybushed A frame and rear frame in almost perfect condition. This was repainted and heavily wax injected.

Unfortunately it is one of those horrible fabrications that does not last in a wet and salty environment. Not much better than the old Mini subframe.
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