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a b s light

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Sorry to be a pain in the rear,abs light is on,but goes out after 2 miles,
I used i930 and it shows c1155 wheel speed front left circuit fail,new
sensor has been fitted,would it be the harness from sensor to wherever
it connects to be the problem?
the battery volts read 11.4 after 2 weeks without running,
any comments would be appreciated.
regards tonymike80
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the solder joins fail in the ABS unit behind the headlight

have a search and consider opening that up and resoldering.

but yes do a quick wiring inspection first
thanks,I will check,I presume you mean the joint in the unit at the back
of the abs unit?
Try checking the wiring in the plug connected to the wheel sensor. It has a habit of fracturing after 50k +miles.
Had this problem with my xk8. New 'drop cable/plug assembly is about £70 and can be fitted in about 30m.
Hi thanks for the info,I had an idea that it could be the line from sensor to wherever it connects to.
regards and thank you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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