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A delighted Jaguar Owner

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To all you fellow members out there, Hi.
My name is Gareth and I have recently purchased a Jaguar XFS 3.0 litre in Italian racing red,
this car was registered in 2011 but has only covered 8000 miles, I just had to have it. I'm looking forward to getting involved as time goes on
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Welcome to the forum Joe, enjoy.:mrgreen:
thats a touch you have had there Joe 8000 miles in six years , how did you source the car , Privately or through a Dealer ,
just wondered what your experiences were if it was the latter . Welcome to the Forum
Thank you for your comments, yes I bought it in July from a very high class dealer in London called Coutts Automobiles, they took it in part ex from the original owner and I spotted it on Autotrader. Very nice people to deal (they don't seem to be what I call up themselves like some of the main dealers) but they shy away when you hit them with a problem, that said I'd probably deal with them again.
Welcome along Gareth, sound like a nice one. You will need to get some pics up.
Welcome! Hope you enjoy the car and the forum :-D
Welcome along to the forum Gareth :)
Welcome Joe, Sounds like a bargain. Enjoy

Hello & welcome, to the XFS IRR club especially.

Hi Gareth,

Welcome to Jaguar ownership, website and forum.
Everyone here is friendly and helpful and some of the usernames here (like Yours, TeapotTony and PigletJohn) make me smile.

Tootle Pip.

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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