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a few questions about engine and bodywork

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i collect my new 2012 SE 2.2 start/stop some time this week
i have read on the web that this engine also is fitted in the RR Evoque (Jaguar Range Rover group stands to reason there) but is made by Ford so was wondering what else it may be fitted in?
i have also been told that some of the bodywork (front wings) are aluminium or stainless steel is there any truth in this?
thanks in advance for any info :D
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Can't recall seeing those front wings as anything other than plain old steel.

Not sure about the engine provenance, and don't really care if it works well, after all the original 2.7V6 diesel was from Peugeot! But I have heard from a JLR NVH engineer that it is (whisper it) installed so thoroughly that it is quieter than the V6 diesels.
i couldn't understand why the front wings would be different from the rest of the car :confused:
if the engine does its job i dont care who makes it to be honest but am interested to know what else uses it as there seems to be a lot of 2.2 diesels around nowadays
When Ford owned JLR they had a deal with Peugeot to build pug engines in Dagenham so the diesils fitted to Jaguar were originated from Ford. The 2.2 engine came from Peugeot, you used to be able to buy a 407 2.2 175hp and a 2.7 V6 diesil. When Ford/JLR fitted the 2.2 the BHP was 150 as fitted to Ford S Max, X type, Land Rover etc. Now the Pug 508 has it offered in 200hp guise and Citroen offer the C5 with 240hp V6 Diesil. I understand the 1.6, 2.0, 2.2, 2.7 and 3.0 diesils share common components across manufacturers.

Watching a film about XJ production it showed the engines coming in as bare engines and having things like fuel systems , turbo's, air inlet and exhausts fitted at the factory.

If you're interested the 1.6 petrol fitted to small Pugs are shared with BMW in the Mini and Vauxhall I am told use some Fiat Diesil engines
very interesting
thanks for the replies guys
A dealer told me at the weekend that the bonnet is Aluminium, but what do they know?
All the Diesel Engines fitted to Vauxhalls are now Fiat units.
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