Abu Dhabi FIA warning

Big Toe

Jun 2, 2021
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I feel Lewis should take a bit of time to realistically reflect on last season at where he himself went wrong. Getting involved in outside politics did not help his concentration on the job at hand.
When he gives his full attention to driving even Max can’t touch him and that’s what he should do from day 1 of the new season, irrespective of the outcome of the inquiry.
He made mistakes, as did both drivers. If he quits then nobody can really complain.

Personally I hope he doesn’t quit as it makes Silverstone a better time to have him there.


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Aug 25, 2019
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Warsaw, Poland
I do agree Jimbo and although politics and motor racing once appeared unconnected, this year, with its terrible FIA decisions, have shown that they are far more closely entwined than anyone would have liked.
For Lewis, like most of us Homo-Sapiens, it is impossible not to have a point of view on almost everything.
Lewis has used his motor racing public platform to bring to the attention of others things which are particularly important to him, and indeed should be for all carring decent people.
If we look at the media today we see journalism has gone from the reporting of facts and has become just another public platform for journalist's opinions! Privately owned web based social media sites prevail over the minds of the subscribers and often allow information, both true and untrue, to mix together leading to falsity and conspiracy theories entering the minds of the hard of thinking!
Even here on this wonderful jaguarforum site, by writing this, I am now doing the same. It is natural that when you care about something deeply, you will use any means available to get that message across.
Race drivers are a different breed and although, like Jimbo, I would prefer politics to be kept out of sport altogether, personally, I doubt it's possible. I do however doubt that Lewis has anything other than racing on his mind once he is strapped into his Mercedes.